Friday, March 2, 2018

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Hanging Out

“They aren’t real,” she explodes
with laughter at my perplexed expression.
“They are fake.”
                             Balls swinging
from the back of tow and pickup trucks.  I realized
prior to her explanation, but remained rendered
speechless.  Stupidity
inadequately failed to describe this . . .

trend.  I pray
she was kidding about that part.  Surely,
there are still some sane men . . . I stop
the thought there, knowing better.  And still
this blatant Freudian expression astounds
me.  This beyond mundanely crass way to prolong
the vehicle as penis extension metaphor.  I began

to weep for want of irony.  A 4X4 passes,
ablaze in the latest rubber commando fashion.  “What
could be worse?” I wonder aloud
a moment before it registered:  
there was a woman driving that one.


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