Thursday, November 19, 2020

Previously Published in Dead Snakes . . .

In the Wavelength of Light

red is the longest color, a primary,
bold, blazoning in shades of look-at-me
daring.  Embracing natural undertones
of expressiveness, it has become the face of
danger.  Nature's warning of venom's presence,
man's signal to cease progression.  Yet its allure
remains.  Tangible desire drips from its hue
as its shades our eyes with images of love.
Hearts and roses give rise to depth, the heated
center of passion, sex.  Lipstick and lingerie
resonate with resilient ability to incinerate
all male defense.  A fitting tribute, a reminder that 
while biting the apple may have caused the fall,
Eve must have looked good holding it.

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