Saturday, November 21, 2020

Previously Published in Em Dash Lit Mag . . .

Baby Turtles and [Busted?] Condoms

The perfect surprise:  soft green flippers
peddling past my toes.  So determined to get
their goal.  Like you, my serpentined seraph,
so feral in your pursuit of . . . everything.  You
desire the universe.  Forcing your own parameters
over and through the norm.  I am just
another niche you style.  Placing me
on a shelf [re-]labeled:  contained.  I forget
to mind that you forgot to aerate my lips.
I embrace the staleness of this slower suffocation.
Preferring its welcoming numbness
to the consummate barrage of [in]consistent
image projections:  your full frontal flashes
confronting me daily.  (Come nightly they haunt
me.)  Until I too am reduced to [focus on] a pile
of discarded . . . tissued . . . knocks.

      *Em Dash Editor's Choice Award -- June 2013

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