Thursday, November 19, 2020

Previously Published in Dead Snakes . . .

Set . . . Match . . . 

The level bubbles red (stop) not
yellow (pause).  Flip
the flag.  The play
[ing field] has been empty.  4 years
of silence = emotion
                                  al evolution.
You call it disengagement.  But that is
another equation.  Entirely
inappropriate, I begin to disprove all
constraints consistent with
[your] gravitation
                             al pulling.  I am
all thumbs and thoughts, scraping
erasures over blanks filled in
with zeros.  That is a history
worth recording.  For posterity,
I pose in contemplation (mostly
for the cameras).  In reality,
I am immune to every gradient
pheromonal influx of this relation
you title:


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